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American Revenue Association Presentation ** Via Zoom

May 18, 2022 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Matthew Healey, Robert Hohertz, Michael Mahler
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The Stamps that Built the Welfare State – Matthew Healey

Britain’s system of “socialized medicine” wouldn’t have been possible without the billions of colorful little stamps that kept track of weekly insurance-premium payments. Little researched and seldom collected, these stamps nonetheless illuminate a vitally important part of the story of Britain’s healthcare system during the 20th century.
Matthew Healey has been a stamp collector for nearly 50 years… He used to write about stamps occasionally for the New York Times, and has been a columnist for Linn’s for a dozen years – first writing about auctions, now on G.B. philately. He is on the board of the Collectors Club and a member of about a dozen other societies including the Revenue Society (the one based in the U.K.), the APS, the RPSL, etc. Matthew’s father, Barth Healey, may ring a bell with some longtime collectors who remember the Stamp Collecting column that ran in The NY Times on Sundays in the late 1980s and early 90s.

What the R’s Are – A Look at the Various Revenues Listed in the Scott Specialized Catalog – Robert Hohertz
A look at and brief explanation of all of the R-prefix categories in the Scott Specialized Catalog. These are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to collecting revenues, but the best places to begin.
Bob Hohertz is a resident of Northfield, Minnesota, long retired
from a career as an actuary. Bob collects U.S. revenues, commercial Prexie
covers, and anything to do with U.S. C23, the 1938 bi-colored eagle
airmail. He currently serves as President of the American Revenue

Stamp Tax on Nevada Territory Stock Certificates: the “25¢ Blaze of Glory” – Michael Mahler
During 1862-72 U.S. stock certificates were subject to a 25¢ Civil War stamp tax. During the speculative “silver fever” of 1862-4 in the West, they were generated in such prodigious numbers that the supply of 25¢ stamps, expected to last for years, was consumed in a matter of months in a figurative “25¢ blaze of glory,” necessitating an emergency shipment to replenish the supply. Why “glorious”? 25¢ stamps in all eight titles (Bond, Certificate, Entry of Goods, etc.), all in the early imperforate and/or part perforate states, were used!
Michael Mahler

Editor, The American Revenuer, flagship publication of the ARA (2012–present)
Exhibit Highlights
• U.S. Civil War Era Fiscal History Panorama
APS Champion of Champions 2001
97 and Grand Prix-nominated, NY2016
97 and Best Revenue, London 2022.
• Big Rug, Small Rug, Baby Rug:
U.S. Civil War Era $200 & $500 Revenues,Their Purpose Illustrated
APS Single Frame Champion of Champions 2017
• California Blues: the Iconic 1857 “Gold Rush Revenues”
97 and high score at SAV(South African Virtual)PEX 2021
• Rebel Documents, Yankee Stamps. How the Union Collected Its Stamp Taxes in the Confederacy, During Wartime Occupation and by Postwar Retroactive Stamping.
Grand Award, APS Great American Stamp Show 2021
Literature Highlights
United States Civil War Revenue Stamp Taxes. A Compendium of Statutes, Decisions, Rulings and Correspondence Pertaining to the Documentary and Proprietary Taxes (1988)
How Were U.S. Civil War Documentary and Proprietary Revenues Made Available to the Public? (1993)
USPCS Elliott Perry Cup
American Philatelic Congress Colby Award.
A Catalog of United States Revenue-Stamped Documents of the Civil War Era by Type and Tax Rate (1999)
USPCS Carroll Chase Cup; “The Bible of the Field”
U.S. First Issue Stamps that Almost Were (and Almost Weren’t!); Evolution of the Documentary and Proprietary Taxes of 1862 (2017)
American Philatelic Congress Colby Award
Edition D’Or 53. U.S. Civil War Era Fiscal History Panorama. The Michael Mahler Collection. (Global Philatelic Network, 2018)
New York Stamp Taxes on Bonds, 1910–1920. Mortgage Endorsement, Secured Debt and Tax on Investments Stamps, Their Purpose Explained and Illustrated. Discovery of a Spectacular Philatelic Subfield Hidden for a Century. (2019)
Stamp Taxes in Nevada.
I. Silver Fever! Nevada Territory Stock Certificates, 1863–4
II. Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Nevada, 1865–1873
III. Chronological/Geographic Analysis: “Ghosts of the Glory Trail”
IV. An Illustrated Census of Documents Bearing Nevada State Revenue Stamps, 1865–1873, by Type and Tax Rate
Grand Award for literature, APS Great American Stamp Show 2021

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May 18, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm